Punished Brats Spanking

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

F/F OTK Spankings in Tight Jeans

I sure do love viewing a good F/F OTK spanking in jeans!  But then again, who doesn't!?  Here are some of my favorite F/F OTK spanking photos that have each of those being spanked wearing some tight jeans!  Enjoy!

So much to love about this photo.  The spanker is gorgeous, and the girl receiving the spanking looks damn good in those tight jeans.  Add the paddle over her bottom and it makes it even better.

I posted this photo at a bigger size than normal because that ass is so damn sexy.  It looks absolutely PERFECT laying across that beautiful spanker's knee!  If that doesn't make you horny, I don't know what will.

Rosaleen Young is the spankee in this photo and she's very entertaining to watch.  She's not only attractive and has a great round bottom, but she can also take lots of pain.  I hate watching spanking videos where the spankings are soft.  I like to watch spanking videos that are similar to the ones I enjoy giving and receiving.  Give me a hard spanking, not a light one!

A better view of her sexy bottom!  Is it me or is that ass just begging to be spanked!?

As you can see, my favorite spanking videos and photos are those with women that are wearing tight jeans.  Why?  Because tight jeans are very sexy.  In fact, I find that seeing a nice bottom in tight jeans is just as sexy as one that is bared.